Data SGP and Educator mSGP Reports

A student’s mSGP scores are reported using percentiles that are based on their prior test performance in comparison to students with similar score histories (their academic peers). The calculations involved can be complex, but the information is easily communicated in terms that teachers and parents can understand.

The data sgp package provides tools for creating and running SGP analyses using the open source R software. R is available for Windows, OSX and Linux and, as a free package, it can be downloaded and compiled to run on most computers. While the SGP package can be used without R, some familiarity with the program is recommended.

Data sgp contains four exemplar data sets, sgpData, sgpData_LONG, sgptData_LONG and sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER, that are utilized by the SGP package as a means of providing users with examples of how to set up their own data for SGP analyses. Each exemplar data set is provided in either WIDE or LONG format. WIDE formatted data is utilized by the lower level SGP functions studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections, while higher level wrapper functions utilize LONG formatted data sets for operational analyses.

sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER is an anonymized look up table containing instructor details associated with each student test record. This is a vital component of the sgpData set, allowing teachers to assign one or more instructors to a single student for a given content area during a specific academic year.

The sgpData_STUDENTS_PERCENTILE_TABLE is another important SGP data table, providing teachers and administrators with the ability to view student performance in the context of their schools, districts, regions or states. This table allows for quick identification of outliers and average performers and facilitates the development of targeted educational programs.

Educator mSGP reports will be delivered in a manner similar to how teacher reports are currently distributed via NJSMART, with the addition of access for principals and assistant principals. These mSGP reports will be delivered to eligible educators through their NJSMART accounts and will be accessible at any time. Access to educator mSGP reports will be administered by district Web User Administrators, who will create and manage account access for eligible educators.