Equinix Data Centers in Hong Kong

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The Hong Kong special administrative region (SAR) is home to a robust and diverse digital ecosystem. The city’s business hubs offer a dense concentration of enterprises, networks and IT service providers. Equinix customers can connect into this regional economic center and global network infrastructure through our Hong Kong data centers.

A Data Governance Framework

Your data governance program involves a lot of people—your team, the organization’s employees, stakeholders, external parties and customers. This is why a well-defined vision and a clear business case are so important for building a successful governance program.

Both of these documents will help you prioritize what activities and decisions you must take to achieve your goal. The vision lays out the broad strategic objective of your governance program, while the business case articulates the specific opportunity you’re trying to address.

In Hong Kong, data protection is governed by the Personal Data Protection (PDPO) Ordinance, which establishes data subject rights and specific obligations to data controllers through six data protection principles. PDPO is broadly comparable to laws in other jurisdictions, with notable differences related to data subject consent, the use of data for direct marketing and the act of publishing information that could reveal an individual’s identity without their permission, known as ‘doxxing’.

Under PDPO, a person’s personal data includes any information that can be used to identify them. This definition applies whether the data is stored in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world. The law requires a data user to use contractual or other means to ensure that any personal data processed in Hong Kong or from Hong Kong is protected against unauthorised access, processing, erasure or loss. It also requires a data user to notify a supervisory authority of any unauthorized disclosure.

A non-exhaustive list of exemptions to the PDPO’s use limitations and access requirements includes safeguarding Hong Kong’s security, defence and international relations; crime prevention or detection; assessment or collection of taxes or duties; or news activities. Moreover, the PDPO permits sharing of personal data with law enforcement agencies in cases of an emergency or as part of investigations or legal proceedings.