The BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize and the Spirit of Hong Kong Awards

The hk prize is one of the premier high school contests, rewarding academic achievements and extracurricular participation. It also gives students the opportunity to conduct scientific research at some of Hong Kong’s premier facilities. Students who participate in this illustrious competition can win monetary prizes, shopping vouchers, and F&B perks – but before getting involved it’s important to read all rules and regulations thoroughly.

The Spirit of Hong Kong awards are given to individuals and organizations who embody the true spirit of the city. They might be selfless caregivers, good Samaritans, or someone who is committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Their actions have a profound impact on society and inspire people to be their best. These heroes might be invisible to the world but they will always remain in our hearts.

Scientists who have developed ground-breaking work that makes an impact on society are eligible for the BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize. This prize is open to researchers worldwide and selected through an impartial process free of sponsorship or committee influence. This is a great opportunity to receive recognition for your research and to showcase your work on an international stage.

This year, the judges will be looking for submissions that highlight the importance of a global community. They will be evaluating how your project aims to help the most number of people in the shortest time with the least amount of money. This will be taken into account as well as how your project aligns with Hong Kong’s strengths and resources, and how it demonstrates a commitment to helping people at the lowest cost and greatest benefit and valuing all people equally.

The winner will be announced in October 2022. Previous winners include selfless volunteers helping homeless people, and scientists who developed liquid biopsy technology to speed up cancer diagnosis. The prize was founded by Lui Che-woo in order to recognize those who advance world civilisation and inspire others to create a harmonious society.

Besides honoring academic achievement and extracurricular participation, the hk prize also encourages more kids to pursue science. They do this by awarding top-ten participants with a monetary prize and offering the winners opportunities to visit Hong Kong’s premier laboratories. This way, the hk prize has helped encourage more kids to study science and aid in advancing global development.

The BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize is an annual non-governmental merit-based award presented by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. The Prize recognizes scientific research achievements that translate into real social or economic value creation. The judging panel is comprised of experts from academia, industry and research institutions. This year, the BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize received widespread support and nominations from local and international scholars and research teams. The prize is awarded in the areas of artificial intelligence/robotics, life/healthcare innovation, materials/energy innovation, and advanced manufacturing/FinTech. BOCHK has established an independent Prize Board to select the winner for this prestigious prize.