The Hong Kong Prize For Social Impact

hk prize

The Hong Kong Prize rewards scientific research with a positive social impact. This prestigious award is open to researchers worldwide and selected through an independent, peer review process free of sponsorship or special committee influences. Winners not only get a substantial financial reward, but gain access to top research facilities in Hong Kong. They also have the opportunity to take part in an international conference or seminar within their field of research, further strengthening their career prospects and extending their networks.

Those who have taken part in the competition in the past have said it helped them build up their research skills and experience. It has also provided an excellent platform to share the latest developments in their field of work. This year, the prize has a total of six different categories, with a monetary prize worth more than HK$10,000 in each one. It is expected to draw in many more participants this time around.

While this award may not be as large as others, it is a great way to boost your resume and make connections with experts in the industry. In addition to the monetary prize, the winner will receive an internship at one of Hong Kong’s premier research institutions for up to six months, which is an invaluable opportunity to develop their professional network and expand their knowledge of the world. This prize is a wonderful incentive for scientists to continue exploring new ideas and applying them to the benefit of society.

This year, the prize has been awarded to a wide range of people, including a Hong Kong theatre artist, a civil rights activist and a former police officer who died while helping protesters. The jury members were impressed with the diverse range of achievements of the prize winners.

In a sign that the Hong Kong Prize has become a highly coveted accolade, more than 90 winners have been honored since its inception in 2007. Winners have included a scientist who uses technology to help homeless individuals and an art teacher who turns human rights violations into fine arts concepts.

A number of notable films were nominated for this year’s HK film awards, with Better Days directed by Derek Tsang winning three of the main categories. Xiao Zhu won best actress for her performance in the China-set bullying drama, while Jackson Yee received recognition for his role in To My Nineteen Year Old Self. Despite pandemic fears, the awards ceremony took place at a studio in early January.