The Sidney Prize in Political Economy

sidney prize

Sidney prize is a student prize that is awarded annually for excellence in a course of study or research at the University of Sydney. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious prizes in Australia. It is a prize for undergraduate students who excel in a particular subject or course of study.

The Stuart Rosewarne Prize in Political Economy is awarded for the development of social theory that supports progressive causes, such as class, gender or the environment. This prize is an important part of the broader Rosewarne Fellowship Program, which aims to encourage innovative research in economics and related social sciences that engages with political issues.

This year, the Prize was awarded to the Australian-based film Close, directed by Belgian filmmaker Lukas Dhont and co-written with his wife, actress Liv Ullmann. The film, which is set in 19th-century Paris, was selected by an international jury for its restraint and subtle handling of story. It also won the Grand Prix at last month’s Cannes Film Festival.

In addition to the prize, the winner is presented with a trophy and a cheque for $42,000 (A$60,000). The award was founded in 2013 by a group of alumni from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Sydney prize is a major component of the University’s Arts and Humanities Program, which aims to strengthen links between the arts and other areas of the University. It is an important aspect of the University’s commitment to academic excellence, diversity and creativity.

To win the Sydney prize, the nominee must have completed at least three semesters of undergraduate study in a course of study or research in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. They must also be a registered student at the University of Sydney and in good standing with their degree.

Nominations for the prize must be submitted in the form of a single or two paragraph essay, no more than 500 words long. They should describe the candidate’s academic achievements, their personal motivations and any other relevant circumstances. The committee will decide on the winner based on this criteria.


The Prize was established to honour the memory of Dr Sidney Udenfriend, the second director of the Charles R. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti and former Professor of Physics at Yale College, from 1985 to 1989. The Prize is awarded annually to a student who shows the greatest proficiency in a science subject in the third or fourth year of the Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney.

Eligibility Criteria

The prize is awarded to the student who shows the greatest proficiency in a subject of science in their third or fourth year of the Bachelor of Science. The Prize is to be awarded by the Head of the Department of Biology or their nominated delegate in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at The University of Sydney.

The Prize is also to be awarded by the Department of Philosophy, the prize committee will select the winner based on the best undergraduate essay on the philosophy of mind or consciousness. The winner will be nominated by the committee and will receive a certificate and a cash prize.